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The Alfa Romeo Owners Club-USA (AROC-USA) is all about experiencing your Alfa, sharing the experience and having fun.  You don't have to be a mechanical genius, or drive like Fangio.   All you need is an appreciation of driving a passionately designed Alfa Romeo.  If this is your first time visiting AROC-USA.org, you can access any of our sections by clicking on the links at the top of any page.   Use our discussion forums, post images in the galleries, find a local chapter near you and join the fun by becoming a member today!

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    # 19 AROC of San Diego
    San Diego, CA


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    April 23-April 27Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Atlanta
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    April 26ALFABUFF (Buffalo, NY)
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    June 22Strada Fantasma (Kansas City)
    Art of the Car
    June 22AROC Detroit
    Champ Autocross
    July 8AROC SW Florida
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    1982-1994 Spiders : won't start after turned off
    by James on Apr 16, 13:00
    Alfa Repair & Restore Tips : help with wheels on my 1988 Spider
    by Kevin Hovel on Apr 16, 1:31
    1982-1994 Spiders : 82 Series 2a Air Con switch wiring
    by Zunige on Apr 13, 19:55
    1982-1994 Spiders : Wiring nightmare
    by Vic on Apr 10, 16:22
    Alfa Romeo Owners of Southern California : Glass bead blasting in San Fernando Valley or Conejo Valley
    by Vic on Apr 7, 23:29
    1982-1994 Spiders : center caps and hood badge for a commemorative edition spyder
    by Jeff Kann on Mar 29, 15:57
    General Discussion : Alfa Romeo 159 owner's greetings to AROC members
    by Rostislav on Mar 26, 8:25
    Concept Cars and Current Models : Alfa 4C Spotted in US
    by Robert on Mar 20, 22:42
    1982-1994 Spiders : Interior color palate
    by Vic on Mar 15, 17:32
    1982-1994 Spiders : '89 Spider fuel pumps/relay?
    by Dan on Feb 26, 19:45

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